Visiting Boulder Colorado

Treats and Desserts in Boulder

If you're on vacation in Boulder, you have a free pass to sample the treats of the town. Gelato, truffles, cookies, pasteries — try it all. Below are some favorites.

Piece, Love & Chocolate

805 Pearl Street (map)
(303) 449-4804

Sometimes you just need a truffle. Or two. Or a piece of cake. Or perhaps a chocolate-making class. Piece, Love & Chocolate has all that, and more. With over 50 truffle flavors lined up in neat rows, PL&C is a great place to treat yourself after strolling around Boulder. Umbrella-shaded seats out front make for a nice resting place.

Gelato Boy

1021 Pearl Street (map) / 1433 Pearl Street (map)
(720) 456-6132 / (720) 269-4117

Not one, but two Gelato Boys make their home on Pearl Street. Famous for their dairy-free, vegan, and other unique options, the Boys are popular spots. From deep chocolate gelato to colorful fruit sorbets, you'll have a variety of flavors to choose between. Located near 10th street and 14th street on opposite sides of the mall.

Spruce Confections

767 Pearl Street (map)
(303) 449-6773

This hidden gem on West Pearl street offers a tasty selection of breads, cakes, cookies, and specialty coffee drinks. Many are gluten-free. Spruce's sidewalk patio is a treat, and the south-facing location means that you can lounge in the winter sun. Cyclists, students, and entrepreneurs mingle on warm weekend mornings. Friendly staff and a great view of tree-lined West Pearl makes Spruce a lovely place to visit.

Ben & Jerry's

1203 Pearl Street (map)
(303) 444-5725

Although there are over 600 Ben & Jerry's ice cream shops around the world, the Boulder location is centrally located in the middle of the Pearl Street mall. Across the street is Haagen-Dazs if you prefer those flavors. Both shops are open until at least 11:00 pm in case you're craving a treat late in the evening. Another local ice cream option is Sweet Cow (2628 Broadway), just five blocks north of Pearl.

Jill's at the St Julien Hotel

900 Walnut Street (map)
(720) 406-7399

The back patio of the St Julien Hotel is a beautiful place to enjoy a dessert and drink. Jill's restaurant employs some highly skilled pastry chefs, and offers a rotating dessert menu. Variations of the creme brulees are always delightful.

Dessert lovers may also want to try Petite Fleur at Rosetta Hall (1109 Walnut Street), just a block away from the St Julien. The Belgian Chocolate Cake there is wonderful.

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