the flatirons in Boulder

Eating and Drinking in Boulder

Boulder is home to numerous restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and pubs.

Trident in BoulderOn Pearl Street alone, you can enjoy an organic meal at award-winning Frasca, stop by for a latte at the Trident coffee shop, or grab a quick burrito at Illegal Pete's. Once night falls, the patio of Centro and the rooftop bars of the West End Tavern and Bacaro come alive.

A short walk or drive away from the mall will bring you to treasures such as the Tajikistan-crafted Dushanbe Tea House, the elegant Flagstaff House, and the unparalleled views of the soon-to-be-reopened Chautauqua Dining Hall.

You're sure to discover your own eating and drinking nooks in Boulder. However, we have some recommendations to help get you started. To the right, you’ll find a menu of options. Whether you’re looking for a fine dining experience — or simply a local coffee shop — we’ll share some of our favorites.